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All-Stitch specializes in building stretch garments. Fancy or plain, puzzled or appliqued, we custom make unitards, leotards, and tights with any style preferences that the client requires. Our basic stretch garments are built using either shiny or matte milliskin, or in the case of white garments, the heavier moleskin. Necklines for unitards and leotards can be turtleneck, scoop, batteau, X, or V, as low or high as the client desires. Unitards and leotards can have long sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, cap sleeves, tank top, or camisole top. About the only thing we don't do to our stretch wear is paint designs. Anything else, and we'll make it work. If it stretches, we can build using it. We applique boldly and intricately, and we apply stones and spangles. We can cut out, keyhole, and tease with illusion. The imagination of the design is our only limit.

All-Stitch unitards are the best fitting unitards that can be found. With no center front seam, and leg seams that follow natural body lines, our unitards are extremely flattering on women and men.

Legs can be finished as footed, footless, or heel-out stirrup. We also build unitards with pant legs for a looser look.



Our tights are built with either back of the leg seams with a center front seam, or with an inseam for our fantastic seamless front style. The waistline for either style of tights can be made as high or low as the client prefers it to be. As it poses a fabric waste in cutting, the seamless front style is slightly more expensive.

Our trunks for women are made like our leotards, with princess line seams front and back for an attractive and functional fit.




Our women's leotards are built with princess seams front and back for superior fit and no creep in the rear. The leg line can be cut as high or low as the client desires, and we can drop in a shelf bra if it's requested.  We also build side seamed leotards with an excellent fit, and this style may be desirable for certain designs.

The usual style of our men's leotard has a comfortable thong back to follow the line of a dancebelt, so that the leotard will not interfere with the look of tights or pants.  We'll also build men's leotards with full bottoms.

Prices for basic stretch wear garments:

Unitards - $45 tank or camisole / $50 sleeved *

Leotards - $40 tank or camisole / $45 sleeved *

Tights - $30 back seams / $35 seamless front

Trunks - $20

*If a zipper is required (turtleneck), add $5.